What Is Slow Roll?

Slow Roll is a global movement founded in 2010 as Slow Roll Detroit in Detroit, Michigan. The movement was founded by good friends and Detroit natives Jason Hall and Mike MacKool. After growing exponentially over several years, Slow Roll Detroit was featured in an Apple iPad commercial and marketing campaign in 2014. The Slow Roll Detroit community bicycle ride averages over 4,000 riders every Monday night. Inspired by the energy, diversity, and spirit of the Slow Roll Detroit rides, Jamal Julien and Olatunji Oboi Reed founded Slow Roll Chicago in September of 2014. They explicitly set out to use the movement and bicycles as vehicles for social change. Slow Roll Chicago rides every Wednesday evening from April to October. The ride meets at various locations & venues throughout Chicago and takes a unique route for each ride. Slow Roll is for everyone; all ages, skill levels and types of bikes are welcome. We are called Slow Roll for a reason as our slow pace keeps the group safe and gives riders a unique perspective of our great city and its beautiful neighborhoods. An amazing and diverse group joins us from all over the Chicago area and beyond, creating what we consider one of the greatest gatherings of all time. The positive energy and community driven atmosphere is what keeps people coming back and sharing the Slow Roll Chicago experience with their family and friends! Let's ride...




Slow Roll Chicago’s mission is to connect a diverse group of people who utilize bikes and the activity of cycling as vehicles for social justice and social change, transforming lives and improving the condition of communities by organizing community bicycle rides and other cycling-related programs throughout Chicago.


Slow Roll Chicago’s vision is equal bicycle usage across the City of Chicago with respect to race, income, and geography. We envision bicycles as a form of effective transportation, contributing to reducing violence, improving health, creating jobs, and ultimately making our neighborhoods more livable.


Community: Create community by connecting communities across racial, geographical, and social divides.

Culture: Build an equitable, diverse, and inclusive bicycle culture in Chicago. Establish a vibrant bicycle culture in communities of color and low- to moderate-income neighborhoods on the Southside and Westside of Chicago.

Context: Host neighborhood-based, thematic, community bicycle rides in partnership with community organizations. Host group bike rides as vehicles to explore the beauty and the challenges which exist in our neighborhoods.

Clarity: Express in consistent, inspiring, and clear terms who we are, what we do and why we do it. We are a bicycle movement; we ride bikes to make our neighborhoods better.