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A Call to Action:

Bicycles are simple machines with the power to tackle complex challenges.  Whether its health disparity, economic inequality, community violence, or threats to the environment, bikes are a part of the solution to many of the most difficult problems facing Chicago’s diverse neighborhoods.
As we celebrate the wonderful progress Chicago has made through advances like protected bike lanes and the Divvy bike share system, we must also continue to call attention to the work that remains to be done to create better biking and encourage healthy transportation. 

For too many, biking is still not seen as a viable option.  Many barriers to biking exist for many different reasons. To change that, we must fully incorporate the voices and leadership of historically marginalized and underrepresented groups into the work of building a bike friendly city, including women, people of color, and individuals from low- to moderate-income communities. 
The goal is simple: Two Wheels, One City. We work to create a City of Chicago where no matter who you are or where you live, you are able to enjoy all of the benefits biking can offer.
Ultimately, it’s our collective responsibility to achieve this goal. The Mayor, City Council, the Chicago Department of Transportation, and others in positions of power need our support for bold action to be possible.
It’s up to us, the people who live and work in Chicago, to achieve this vision.

Will you join us?  Please take the pledge below.

Two Wheels, One City Pledge

I pledge to be an active participant in creating a diverse, inclusive, and equitable bicycle environment in Chicago where everyone in our beautiful City can enjoy the benefits of cycling.

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