The Big Marsh Freedom Ride & Day of Service:
Proudly Riding for Physical, Mental, & Spiritual Freedom

Dr. Martin Luther King National Holiday
Monday, January 18, 2016

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IMPORTANT UPDATE: We have made the decision to cancel the bike ride and stewardship portions of the event tomorrow due to a windchill advisory until 12pm tomorrow and dangerously frigid, cold temperatures throughout the day. Our first priority is keeping our extended community safe and our second priority is providing an enjoyable experience. We are confident we are all better served by rescheduling both the ride and the stewardship activity.

PLEASE NOTE: We are still hosting the event tomorrow, with a Meet & Greet at 9am and the Program at 10am at the National A. Philip Randolph Pullman Porter Museum. We will drive together in a caravan over to Big Marsh for a brief visit to the park at 11am. Then, REI will provide lunch back at the Museum. While there, we will also enjoy a lively discussion about Slow Roll Chicago's homage to Dr. King through our work to achieve mobility as a civil right, advance a policy priority around bike equity, and utilize bicycles as vehicles for social justice in Chicago.