Ride Season Manager - Position Description

Position Title
Ride Season Manager

Part-Time Contractor, W9 required, benefits are not available at this time

30 hours per week

Twelve weeks, with the potential to extend contract, position will start immediately

Position will report directly to Slow Roll Chicago Board Chair Olatunji Oboi Reed

$4,800 total compensation, paid out in bi-weekly installments of $800

Must be available for an interview between 9am to 3pm on Wednesday, March 28

The Movement

Slow Roll Chicago is a bicycle movement. We ride bikes to make our neighborhoods better. This is why we exist. This is why we ride.

Slow Roll Chicago’s vision is equal bicycle usage across the City of Chicago with respect to race, income and neighborhood. We envision bicycles as a form of effective transportation, contributing to reducing violence, improving health, creating jobs and ultimately making our neighborhoods more livable. Slow Roll Chicago’s mission is to connect a diverse group of people who utilize bikes and the activity of cycling as vehicles for social justice and social change, transforming lives and improving the condition of communities by organizing community bicycle rides, advocating for bicycle equity and implementing other cycling-related programs throughout Chicago. The target audience for our movement is Black and Brown people, low- to moderate-income (LMI) people and communities on the Southside and Westside of Chicago.

Slow Roll Chicago’s priorities are two-fold:

  1. Community Bicycle Ride Series: Slow Roll Chicago’s primary thrust as an organization is our regular ride series during our ride season from May to September. Each ride is neighborhood-based and hosted in partnership with community-based organizations. Every ride is thematic and explicitly designed to serve as a vehicle for social justice and community transformation. The rides incorporate neighborhood outreach, community partners and a route designed to express a story on bikes. The rides serve to explore and highlight the beauty or the challenges present in our neighborhoods.
  2. Bicycle Equity Advocacy: Slow Roll Chicago advocates on behalf of communities of color and low- to moderate-income communities for three public commitments here in Chicago from local, state, and federal policymakers:
    1. Bicycle equity as the fair, just distribution of bicycle resources, explicitly targeting and prioritizing LMI Black and Brown communities who need bicycle resources the most and using those resources to deliberately address both contemporary and historical injustices. Bicycle resources include funding, protected bike lanes, Divvy stations, other infrastructure and programs. For a more detailed understanding of Slow Roll Chicago's position on Bicycle Equity, please see our Bicycle Equity Statement of Principle.
    2. Community ownership of the transportation planning process, creating meaningful opportunities for neighborhood residents to express an authentic voice in the decision-making process surrounding transportation infrastructure projects in their neighborhoods.
    3. Respect for the needs, culture and history in neighborhoods in order to achieve greater engagement and investment from residents.

The Position

Slow Roll Chicago is seeking an individual with community organizing experience and familiarity with the activity of cycling. The ideal candidate will have strong organizing experience in Chicago’s low- to moderate-income communities of color on the Southside and Westside. While this person does not need to be a hardcore, bicycle commuter, this person should enjoy cycling and have some experience with riding bicycles in Chicago. This person is a natural manager, with solid project management and time management skills. A successful person in this position is incredibly detail-oriented, comfortable managing multiple projects at once, confident in delegating tasks to volunteers, excited about fundraising and seeking sponsorships, able to work both independently and collaboratively, physically and mentally up to a demanding twelve-weeks, work well in an unstructured and informal environment with limited supervision, proficient with Microsoft Office applications and basic data entry and email and skilled on managing a number of social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and The Chainlink).

The position will lead the development, implementation and evaluation of our 2018 ride season. This will include organizing our 2018 ride season (about 5-7 rides total, from May to September, mostly on Saturdays), planning individual rides, executing a sponsorship fundraising campaign, managing the #SquadCHI volunteer ride management team, facilitating community engagement at the neighborhood level and directing online marketing (website, email newsletter and social media).

Due to our partnership with the Chicago Park District, final candidates may be subject to a background check, including fingerprints.

Email your resume and 2 references to oboi@equiticity.org, with your full name and “SRC Ride Season Manager Position” in the subject.

Interviews will be held between 9am to 3pm on Wednesday, March 28. Position will start immediately.

We ride bikes to make our neighborhoods better.

 Let’s ride…